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Savage vs Hundley

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Savage vs Hundley
November 06, 2017 10:13AM
Since I live in Houston I watch the Texans. Thus I have the opportunity to compare Hundley tonight to Savage yesterday. Savage, in the league for 4 years seemingly as "good" as he's going to get, was terrible. Indecisive, slow release, inaccurate, can't move. Except for the latter he matches up with what we've seen so far with Hundley. After two intensive weeks he's probably as good as he's going to get this year.
One sidelight, the Indy D totally stymied Hou (their only score was on a fumble return) until the end when they went into some kind of prevent. Suddenly Savage started connecting to wide open receivers and the prevent d8dh't prevent Hou from a first on Indy's 7 with a chance to win the game. Returning to the base D, Indy stopped them. Says something about prevents.