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Either take the kid gloves off or find a new QB

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Either take the kid gloves off or find a new QB
October 24, 2017 03:43AM
Two first half turnovers and a huge day from Aaron Jones and yet we lose at home by 9 points. We are not going to get that every week. Defenses will watch film and key on Jones, daring us to throw the ball. We have to have more than a few pass plays to call. If Hundley cannot make the 10 yard throws as several people here are claiming then there is no hope for him. It seems that MM shares the view of the posters here. Which begs the question, why is Hundley our backup?
Re: Either take the kid gloves off or find a new QB
October 24, 2017 10:30AM
AMEN !!!!

“The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.” -Marcus Aurelius
Re: Either take the kid gloves off or find a new QB
October 26, 2017 10:33AM
As I have said (many times), the better a side is, the more vanilla they can afford to be calling plays. If you have a quality team, your guys win by simply out-executing theirs.

If your team is average, you need a more diverse gameplan to win. If your team is poor, you need all kinds of tricks to squeeze out a win, because talent wise you are worse than the opposition.

So. the worse you are the more risks you need to take. MM has been very successful being conservative with BF and AR, but Hundley is not in that class. MM needs to change his MO, and be more imaginative, more risky, to win.
Re: Either take the kid gloves off or find a new QB
October 27, 2017 06:19PM
I'm not sure what anyone is referring to as risky. I get what the point is but I'm just saying run the real offense. As you pointed out Swizz, we aren't SO good everywhere else that we can be Kindergarten basic and still get enough done on Offense to win. No one expects Hundley to play close to as well as Rodgers. But obviously he has to be able to use the skill set he has to make more plays than he was able to put together on Sunday. I'd like to believe that MM realizes that and we will continue to see him put more on the table for Hundley to work with.

Rick and Others' points about Hundley just not being accurate mid and long range are observations that seem spot on and that unfortunately echo question marks about him coming out of UCLA. He had all the measurables you would want but his mediocre at best accuracy was his biggest ? I would have hoped that's an area he would have improved over the last few years but to date not much evidence of it.

The bigger long term picture for me is, I believe you could put Hundley on any otherwise Super Bowl caliber team and the team could play .500 Ball. That's what I'm more focused on. We need to see a team that can play at least that well or we aren't a Championship team going forward even into next year.