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Poor Game By Mccarthy

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Poor Game By Mccarthy
October 22, 2017 03:27PM
Ultimately, no surprise he had to exhibit confidence in Hundley. He never really did. From the 10in the 4th two stupid runs to the left just giving the ball back. Hundley had to complete a pass there. Other examples abound. At the end, again stupid clock management there was, arguably a fumble recovered by the Pack: the ball was moving in the runners hands so when he hit the ground maybe he wasn't in possession. Regardless, I challenge would have had the same effect as a TO, which he had to call anyway to preserve time. So the challenge was a freebie. Hundley's got a chance but keeping him in a lockbox isn't going to work.
Re: Poor Game By Mccarthy
October 22, 2017 07:35PM
Coaches and Players chewing on gum during the game have had bad results for the packers. McCarthy isn't one of them. But guess what? HUNDLEY IS A GUM CHEWER!
Re: Poor Game By Mccarthy
October 26, 2017 10:41AM
Hate watching Pete Carroll doing that. It looks worse when no helmet is worn
Re: Poor Game By Mccarthy
October 26, 2017 03:10PM
He MAY stop that if he gets smacked in the face a few times. I'm surprised MM allows that.

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