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Re: Despicable Hit

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Despicable Hit
October 16, 2017 04:10AM
The worst officiating crew I've seen missed 1. A late hit and 2. A follow through with the clear intent to injure. That crew also allowed a crital pss completion to be picked up off the ground. They were great on the other hand calling ticky tacky.
Re: Despicable Hit
October 16, 2017 06:41AM
It was the perfect crew and it is sexist (sarcasm) if you say otherwise because a woman was in that crew.

But yeah they all should be collecting unemployment...
Re: Despicable Hit
October 17, 2017 06:50AM
I didn't think it was all that bad. Maybe a tick late, but it was close. People get upset more because of the result of the play, than the play itself.

When i see a guy like Merriweather (Redskins) take out the Packers RB with a head first collision and then injure himself trying to do it again on their replacement, THAT was despicable. To me, this is, well, just football.

As for Fox's fixation over a woman in the officiating crew - not worth a comment.

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Re: Despicable Hit
October 17, 2017 08:03AM
And yet, there is a comment. smiling smiley
Re: Despicable Hit
October 17, 2017 08:26AM
Even a non-comment, comment, has meaning, as was intended.
Re: Despicable Hit
October 17, 2017 06:47PM
Piledriving into the ground is not just footballo
Re: Despicable Hit
October 17, 2017 09:07PM
He lowered his shoulder after seeing the ball was released to give a cheap shot. He had time to pull up but he lowered his shoulder took the cheap shot.
Re: Despicable Hit
October 20, 2017 03:20PM
He took twp steps after the ball was released. Maybe not enough time to stop contact. But way more than enough to let off. Instead he lowers his head and drove into Rodgers driving him into the ground. IMO the plan was to take out Rodgers. Even Zimmer said earlier in the week that he wanted rodgers out of the division.

Re: Despicable Hit
October 21, 2017 06:19AM
Re: Despicable Hit
October 21, 2017 06:18AM
It is true. It is because the Social Justice Warriors would be offended if someone complained about how terrible this officiating crew is that no one is saying it. It wasn't just the cheap shot on Rodgers but a lot the calls during the game. But that will not be pointed out because it would be sexist because their is a woman in that crew, Thus making it a perfect legal hit on Rodgers and the rest of the calls perfect...