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Is there a franchise running back

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Is there a franchise running back
November 30, 2010 09:08AM
In college right now that could help the Pack, a guy with speed size, a guy who can catch the ball? Is Royster from Penn St over-rated? Who is the guy the Packers should look for in the draft? Looking over the roster the Packers are deep at TE, WR, both Safety spots, Woodson, Williams, Lee and Shields fill the CBs, the only glaring week spot is RB

John Brockington
Re: Is there a franchise running back
December 01, 2010 10:45AM
I would put LG and tackle high on the list. Colledge is OK but probably does not warrant an extension. LG is an upgradable position. We will get one more year max out of Clifton and need another tackle.

Sorry, I can't help you re: college running backs other than to say that I don't think Mark Ingram is all that great.
Re: Is there a franchise running back
December 01, 2010 03:50PM
This is not a banner year for RBs, so the franchise guy you seek may not be there. There are no Ricky Williams or Barry Sanders here.

That said, there is Illinois RB Mike Leshoure, a 6'1", 228lb, 4.5 (estimated 40 ) speed. He has a chance to be a good one. He might be available at the tail end of round one when we pick.


There is also Kansas state RB Dan Thomas 6'2", 227. Not quite as quick as Leshoure and runs high, he has a good chance of being around in round 2 when we pick.

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Re: Is there a franchise running back
December 02, 2010 01:00AM
I was not very impressed with that video. He runs through some huge holes but rarely makes anyone miss or breaks any tackles. He does appear to have some receiving skills but I see a 4th or 5th round pick not a first round guy. His speed and quickness are nothing to get excited about. Obviously, this is a limited sample but the Youtube clips are often highlights of a guy's best plays.
Re: Is there a franchise running back
December 01, 2010 10:14PM
I agree that the draft isnt that great for RB this year. However I would say it is a safe bet that any RB taken in the first or second round will be better than Jackson. But I would assume that if Thompson is going to upgrade, he is going to look at free agency for a top notch back up that will compete with Grant for a starting position.

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Re: Is there a franchise running back
December 02, 2010 12:53AM
I will bet everything I own that TT does not sign a top FA RB. I doubt he will even ponder the possibility.
Re: Is there a franchise running back
December 03, 2010 07:46PM
This is the easiest question asked on this board in quite awhile. This guy is the best RB to come out of College since A.P. IMO.

Speed, Power, Moves, he blocks, he catches the ball with ease, he plays on Special Teams, and to me, his absence due to injury is the main reason Oklahoma lost to Florida in the 2008 National Championship game. Some of the runs on this Highlight Reel are Ridiculous!

This is the only RB I know of in College that I would be supportive of spending a 1st rounder on, and currently, he's only projected to be a 2nd rounder. I doubt that will be the case come Draft Day.

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Re: Is there a franchise running back
December 04, 2010 12:41AM
Looks like a top 10 pick to me. A lot better than CJ Spiller. Why is he only projected to go round 2? Injury history?
Re: Is there a franchise running back
December 04, 2010 05:57PM
Murray suffered a bad hamstring injury on the Opening Kickoff of the 2008 Big 12 Championship game, and consequently missed the National Championship game against Florida. I doubt that has anything to do with his projected position in the Draft right now.

Once he goes through the Senior Bowl and the Combine, I have to believe he will begin moving up the Draft Board. Today we could probably trade down or out of the 1st round and get him. By the end of April we'll probably have to trade up.
Re: Is there a franchise running back
December 05, 2010 03:37AM
McGinn has an early look in the draft. Murray is way down the list. Here's what one scout said of him:

"Murray is a straight-line, stiff-hipped, nondurable back. He's not very good at all." Wow.