why wont major college football consider
November 26, 2010 05:12PM
A college super bowl? Yes bowl generate a lot of money but qualifying teams could occupy these bowl sites with winner moving on to next round. What better way for NFL scouts to evaluate talent what is your opinion why a college super bowl is not in existance?

John Brockington
Re: why wont major college football consider
November 27, 2010 09:23AM
College athletic directors from the big conferences prefer the idiotic status quo because of the virtually guaranteed revenues from Bowl games. Never mind that all but a handful of Bowl games every year are completely meaningless.
Re: why wont major college football consider
November 27, 2010 04:30PM
Yeah the bowls make revenue but can't tehy even imagine what kind of revenue and interest playoffs would create, it would be bigger than march madness

John Brockington
Re: why wont major college football consider
November 28, 2010 11:23AM
Yes, the revenue would be much bigger. The problem for the big conferences is that the revenue would not necessarily be guaranteed to come their way in a given year. Under the status quo, the big conferences are more or less guaranteed the same number of Bowl appearances per season (plus or minus one) and they share the revenue, which means every athletic director has a minimum figure, which he can budget. In a playoff system where participation is based purely on regular season success there are no such certainties. And the big revenue would come to the team's who advance the furthest. In a Bowl game, you get the same amount win or lose.

Keep in mind that most big universities use revenue from men's football and men's basketball to finance all of their sports programs. With the exception of men's hockey (not played at most schools), almost all other college sports are money losing ventures.
Re: why wont major college football consider
November 28, 2010 04:28PM
i really do think the main point is not to extend the season any further. you can say all you want about sport and academics at the college level. but giving the players the time off from the end of nov/early december to get their minds on fall finals isnt a bad thought in my mind. those same AD's also dont want their conference basketball schedules to be ruined by on going football games as the conference basketball season starts. not to mention most tv has focused on basketball after the bowl games.
Re: why wont major college football consider
November 29, 2010 09:41AM
Extending the season is a completely bogus argument. The Bowl games used to take place no later than January 1. Recently, they have taken place as late as January 7 so they have extended the season. If you have 8 teams play on New Year's that means the season extends for only 4 teams and it goes at most into the middle of January. You are talking about a week or two into the new semester for a handful of teams. Contrast that with the amount of class time college basketball players miss (just around the time of mid-terms) for the NCAA basketball tournament. Also, the regular football season used to end in November. It has been extended into December in recent years because of the conference tournaments. That extension (close to semester exam time) hurts a lot more than a week at the beginning of a new semester.

Rest assured, any argument the powers that be make against a tournament based on academic considerations is completely disingenuous. Academics has nothing to do with it.
Re: why wont major college football consider
November 29, 2010 11:50AM
for most schools playing in early Jan doesnt conflict with classes at all, most dont start until the after the King holiday. i was looking at more so extending the season further into December, with early round playoff games. if you extend in Jan you start running into the NFL playoffs more so than now.
Re: why wont major college football consider
December 03, 2010 08:16PM
This is a great discussion. I'm with Chraya completely.

The Playoff would BEGIN on January 1, and could end by mid January.

There's no reason that all the non BCS caliber Bowl games could continue to be played with the securing of teams being just like it is now. How awesome would it be for all the Bowls preceding the New Year to be the same and then New Year's Day literally becomes the BIGGEST sporting day of the year in America, save for the Super Bowl.

4 HUGE games played throughout the day. It would combine the best of what January 1st used to look like before the BCS, AND the best of what a Playoff System had to offer.