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New features

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New features
January 16, 2009 01:39PM
As many of you have already noticed, we have implemented a terms of use and privacy policy for the site. Before making a new post, you must agree to the terms of use. A link to these and an agreement form are available on the post page. Additionally, any new users will need to agree to these at registration. Links to both the terms of use and privacy policy are available on the bottom of every page.

Because I've been an iPhone user for a while, I've been wanting to get an iPhone version of the site available. With a new plugin for Phorum that allows this to be done easily, I have implemented a non-full featured iPhone version of the site. This should automatically load if you load the site on an iPhone or iPod Touch. Please note that it is not yet possible to respond to threads with this version of the site. You can create new posts, oddly enough. This plugin is in development, but it is nice to be able to load a faster version of the site on these handheld devices.

Another new feature I've implemented is the ability to use Twitter. For those familiar, you can follow the Packer Wire Twitter account and be notified when new posts (NOT replies to existing posts) are made. For those unfamiliar with Twitter, it's probably a little difficult to describe. But you can check out their website at www.twitter.com.

To view the Packer Wire twitter account and begin following it, you can visit www.twitter.com/packerwire.

If there are any questions, comments, or suggestions about any of the new features, please let me know in this thread or PM!