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Who's #2?

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Who's #2?
July 30, 2009 06:56PM
Is anyone else getting anxious for fantasy season??

This year, most everyone should have Adrian Peterson going number one. The real question is, who comes next? In previous years, it seems like there were always at least 3 or 4 top level guys that could be taken anywhere at the top of the draft. This year it seems like it's a little bit more of a crap shoot.

Michael Turner - Turner was a flat-out stud last year. He carried Atlanta's offense to the playoffs and lightened the load for rookie QB Matt Ryan. With a year under Ryan's belt and the addition of TE Tony Gonzalez, it gives defenses more to worry about than just Turner, which could really benefit Turner in his second season as a starter.

Maurice Jones-Drew - This is MJD's first crack at being "the man" in Jax. While he has been a workhorse for the team since he was drafted, Fred Taylor has always been there taking away his carries. MJD has always shown the potential to handle carrying the full load, but will he come through? Will he continue his return duties?

Matt Forte - The Bears' RB really outperformed any expectations they had for him last year. He took on the full load, and was basically the only weapon the Bears had. The team now has a real arm at QB, but still are very lacking at WR. The Bears also have no reliable backup to push Forte and take away his carries. Will Cutler's presence be enough to keep defenses honest? And is Forte really worth a top 5 fantasy pick only after 1 season in the NFL?

LaDainian Tomlinson - The unchallenged #1 from the last few years has fallen back a bit. He had a rough season and it is hard to tell if it is a sign of things to come, or if it was simply a off-year for LT. He is right up there with AP as the best in the business when he is healthy. But even if he is healthy, there are some other questions surrounding him. The offense isn't what it used to be when it was built completely around him. They now have a very good passing game led by Philip Rivers (who has quietly become a very good Qcool smiley. The team also are paying a lot of money to backup Darren Sproles, who no doubt will be pushing for more playing time beyond ST. How will these situations effect LT's performance this year? This is by far the toughest player to rank in this year's draft IMO.

DeAngelo Williams - Williams proved last year why he was drafted in the first round the year before. He has got game! The Panthers rushing attack was unstoppable last year, as Williams and Jonathon Stewart combined for over 2300 yards. As good as Williams was, Stewart was right behind him in only his first NFL season. It's hard to tell if they will rush out of the gates again this year, or if defenses will start to stick more defenders in the box. Their other offensive stars, Jake Delhomme and Steve Smith are in the twilight of their careers, and are becoming less and less of a threat. Williams might be the only "RB by committee" player worth taking in the first round, but that approach still makes me nervous.

Clinton Portis - This is a guy who doesn't get nearly as much credit he deserves. Playing on a team that has had a consistently below average offense, he puts up solid numbers every year. He has had injury issues, and while he is still young in age, he has high miles. He continues to be the workhorse for the Redskins, and it is worth pointing out that before a skid over the second half of last season, he was the NFL's leading rusher. The real question is, which half of last season can we expect out of him this year?

Brian Westbrook - Westbrook is an all-around athlete. He can burn you running or receiving. His issue has always been being able to stay on the field. When he is healthy, he is probably in the top 5 of all RB's in the league. Unfortunately, he isn't getting any younger, and it seems unlikely that the injuries are going to stop. He also is coming off of bone spur surgery that will keep him out of most, if not all, of training camp. He is a boom or bust player, but the drawbacks are most likely enough to keep from taking him too high in the draft.

Reggie Bush - Bush caught the injury bug last year, and is looking to rebound in '09. He is a threat to go the distance whenever he is on the field, and he no longer has Deuce McAllister taking away carries. This could be a breakout year for Bush who has yet to tap all of his potential.

Frank Gore - This guy knows how to carry the load, even when there is nobody else around him to take away the attention. The 49ers are very slim at any of the skill positions, but yet Gore still keeps churning away. He may not set the league on fire, but he is consistent and will put up solid numbers.

Stephen Jackson - Jackson was at one time considered a top 3 RB. Times have changed drastically since the Rams were able to score at will, and now find themselves without the likes of longtime Rams Orlando Pace, Isaac Bruce (in '08), and Torry Holt. The Rams are determined to move forward by building their offense around Jackson and a solid running game. This is great for him, but the real question is if there is enough talent around him to keep defenses honest. Jackson is the lone bright spot on the entire team this year. This could be a high risk/high reward pick.

So who will it be? How do you rank even the top 5 players this year? And at what point do you start looking at Saints QB Drew Brees who has been flat out amazing for them? Lots to think about as draft days get closer!

Re: Who's #2?
August 22, 2009 02:23PM
I don't know that I would put Peterson at #1 in a PPR league. Many of the FF mags have MJD as the #1 PPR pick. Based on your premise though, if Peterson is the #1, I would say Jones-Drew should be #2.
Re: Who's #2?
August 23, 2009 10:17AM
I don't know that I would put Peterson at #1 in a PPR league. Many of the FF mags have MJD as the #1 PPR pick. Based on your premise though, if Peterson is the #1, I would say Jones-Drew should be #2.

Agreed! In PPR leagues....Peterson is top 10 but I would be leery about making him top 5 even.

On paper...the stars are aligned for MJD to make the jump to a top 3 RB (in either format)...but considering he has never carried the full load at RB...his durability is big question mark. I would have a tough time taking him with the #2 overall pick for that reason alone.

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