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A list of Philias

A list of Philias
June 08, 2004 10:23PM
For a change of pace!

A philia is the love or obsession with a particular thing or subject. The suffix -philia is used to specify the love or obsession with something more specific. It is antonymic to -phobia.

The Greek word philia refers to brotherly love, including friendship and affection. This contrasts to the Greek terms eros, or sexual/romantic love, and agape, or detached, spiritual love.

What follows is a list of words that have the suffix -philia.

ailurophilia - Love of cats
ammophilia - Love of sand and sandy places
Anglophilia - Love of English and/or England
apotemnophilia - Desire to amputate a healthy limb
arctophilia - Love of Teddy Bears
astrophilia - Love of astronomy
audiophila - Love of recorded sound
Australophilia - Love of Australians and/or Australia (lit. love of the south)
autogynephilia - Love of oneself as a woman

bibliophilia - Love of books

canophilia - Love of dogs
cartophilia - Love of cigarette cards
chasmophilia - Love of small places
chiropterophilia - Love of bats
chromophilous - Staining easily
chrysophilia - Love of gold
clinophilia - Love of beds
coprophilia - Sexual pleasure from feces

dendrophilia - Love of trees
discophilia - Love of sound recordings

electrophile - A substance having an affinity for electrons or negative charge
entomophilous - Adapted for pollination by insects
ergophilia - Love of work
Europhilia - Love of Europe and/or Europeans

Francophilia/Gallophilia - Love of France and/or the French

geophilia - Love of earth or geology
Germanophilia - Love of Germany and/or German
gerontophilia - Sexual attraction towards the elderly
gynotikolobomassophilia - Love of biting a female's earlobes

halophilia - Love of salt or salt-water
heliophilia - Love of sunlight
hippophilia - Love of horses
homophilia - Love of the same sex (eg homosexual)
Hoplophilia - Sexual arousal from firearms and weaponry
hydrophilia - Love of water
hygrophilia - Love of living next to or spending time around water

iconophilia - Love of pictures and symbols


klismaphilia - Sexual pleasure from enemas

labeorphilia - Love of beer bottle labels
limnophilia - Love of ponds or marshes
lithophilia - Love of stones
logophilia - Love of words
lygophilia - Love of darkness

metrophilia - Love of the metro rail or subway systems
myrmecophilia - Love of ants

necrophilia - Sexual attraction to corpses
negrophilia - Love of black people
nemophilia - Love of the woods/forests
neophilia - Love of the latest novelties and trends
Nipponophilia Love of the Japanese and/or Japan
nitrophilia - Love of nitrogen
notaphilia - Love of bank-notes and cheques

oenophilia - Love of Wine
ombrophilia - Love of large amounts of rainfall
ophiophilia - Love of snakes
ornithophilia - Love of birds

paedophilia - Sexual attraction to children
palaeophilia - Love of dinosaurs and prehistoric things
paraphilia - any sexual attraction considered unhealthy or taboo
peristerophilia - Love of pigeons
petrophilia - Love of living or spending time in rocky areas
philalethia - Love of the truth
philately - Interest in postage stamps
philosemitism - Interest in or respect for the Jewish people, and the historical significance of the Jewish culture
photophilia - Love of living or spending time in lighted conditions
phytophilia - Love of plants
pogonophilia - Love of beards
psammophile - A plant loving sandy areas
psychrophilia - Love of cold temperatures
pygophilia - Love of buttocks


retrophilia - Love of things of the past
rheophilia - Love of living or spending time in running water
rhizophilous - Love of living or spending time on roots
Russophilia - Love of Russia and/or Russians

sarcophilia - Love of flesh
sciophilia - Love of living or spending time in shady conditions
scopophilia - Sexual pleasure from seeing things
Scotophilia - Love of Scotland and/or the Scottish
scripophilia - Love of bond and share certificates
Sinophilia - Love of China and/or the Chinese
stegophilia - Love of climbing buildings
stigmatophilia - Love of tattooing or branding

technophilia - Love of technology
thalassophilia - Love of the ocean
theophilia - Love of God
thermophilia - Love of high temperatures
timbrophilia - Love of stamps
tobaccophilia - Love of tobacco
topophilia - Love of a particular place
toxophilia - Love of archery
tropophilia - Love of seasonal extremes of climate
turophilia - Love of cheese
typhlophilia - Love of the blind



xenophilia - Love of foreigners
xerophilia - Love of living or spending time in very dry conditions
xylophilia - Love of wood


zoophilia - Love of non-human animals (can also be the sexual attraction to non-human animals)

"Hey, California, go out and kick some butt"
-Random Grocery Shopper to the newly hired Mike Holmgren
RE: A list of Philias
June 08, 2004 10:48PM
Demacrapaphilia - Love for the wrong side of the aisle}(