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Active media week for Rogers

Active media week for Rogers
February 02, 2018 11:30PM
I love this kind of stuff. Rogers was on the Dan Patrick show and they gave him a copy of his old scouting reports.


Here they are in text form [archive.jsonline.com]

He also made a stop of the Golic and Wingo show


“I’d say we’re not too far off. If you look at the final four teams that were in it, three of the four had dominating defenses,” Rodgers said Thursday on ESPN’s Golic and Wingo. “You’re looking at what Jacksonville did with their defense. Obviously, Minnesota, what they do with their defense. And Philly was phenomenal. We need to get back to playing championship defense"

I'd say he was playing it safe with that comment. He has to be more fed up with the talent level around him the last few years than the rest of us combined.

Stephen A Smith, as he does, went off today about Green Bay's inability to field a competitive team around Rogers.


He basically says Rogers should demand a trade while he can.

Time to throw $150 million his way and move on from the contract talk.
Re: Active media week for Rogers
February 03, 2018 12:18AM
Prepare to be shocked, the numbers will reflect fixing the next two years as well as 4 or 5 years added. The numbers will be higher than 150 M and the guaranteed money will be eye opening. The longer it drags out the bigger the Number. Look at what Smith just got.
Re: Active media week for Rogers
February 03, 2018 12:29AM
I was thinking a correction plus a 3 year extension, but you are right. With the kind of guaranteed money he will get more years makes a lot of sense.

It will be interesting.

And my apologies for butchering Rodgers multiple times in that first post. Long day apparently,
Re: Active media week for Rogers
February 03, 2018 03:15PM
Trickyd,Thanks for your post,very interesting content !!! Headbanger PS Still around this site is getting an "overhaul".

“The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.” -Marcus Aurelius
Re: Active media week for Rogers
February 03, 2018 04:46PM
Iike I have been saying, the time to plan for the future at QB is near. Danica is clearly trying to influence him to leave. His QB coach left. He gets back his best OC he has ever had. Rodgers might start pulling the Favre Diva thing pretty soon.
Re: Active media week for Rogers
February 03, 2018 06:33PM
Rodgers has always had a passive aggressive thing going. I just don’t see he going off or leaving. He is far more likely to get a new deal.... really big $....My question for him is how much leverage he really has. He would have to demand a trade. Who would have the ammo to trade? Two teams come to mind, Cleveland and New York. I wouldn’t think anymore the trade demand is realistic. Neither place is very appetizing. I don’t think Denver has the picks to get it done. I would think you start with 2 1’s in this draft and players plus picks, no way other than Cleveland and 2 of its drafts anyone has the ammo, does Rodgers want to try to bring Cleveland back? Cleveland is not a Theo Cubs situation, think it all answers itself.

Likely this is just media looking for a story and Rodgers driving up his price. That said, would I be shocked MM is no peach? No not at all. I have no doubt that Rodgers harbors a chip he wasn’t the first pick in 05. I have little doubt Rodgers holds MM to blame for that. But you have to balance that against how protective MM is of Rodgers. In MM’s time in GB he has always protected Rodgers, not a harsh word. I would tune them out on this. Now if they use that 1 for a QB or he hasn't extended by say July, maybe people should be concerned.
Re: Active media week for Rogers
February 03, 2018 08:30PM
I think it was just him answering the question honestly. We all have to agree that if they traded Favre they would trade Rodgers once they thought the time was right. Until then he will get his just salary increases when required.
Re: Active media week for Rogers
February 03, 2018 11:22PM
I've believed for awhile that Rodgers will be the first $30 mil per year player. The only question is this Off Season or next? If it's this off season, it was nice knowing you Jordy Nelson. You've been a great Packer. But this year or next it's gonna happen.

Franchise QBs will be getting paid more like NBA Superstars in the very near future. The Packers are preparing for this Cap wise. The salary will seem exorbitant at the time but just like his last contract which made him the highest paid man in NFL history, there will be a half dozen guys get paid more than A-Rod over the life of his contract just like there have been over the last 5 years.