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Re: Rationale for keeping Jordy and Cobb in 2018

Rationale for keeping Jordy and Cobb in 2018
January 23, 2018 12:05PM
It's not anything earth shattering. Even if we keep them this year without any adjustments to their contracts they will in combination count about $25 mil. against the cap. If we keep Jordy, this will likely be his last year as he will turn 33 this season. Aaron Rodgers' cap hit for 2018 is about $20 mil. So in combination those 3 total $45 mil.

That's a lot.

However next Off Season will be the year Rodgers gets a new contract. It's also the off season both Jordy and Cobb become UFAs. I think it likely the Packers draft a WR early. IMO it'll be the 2nd round. That player gets a season of grooming under Jordy and Cobb and should be able to step into a starting role in 2019. Even if we keep Cobb we should be able to do that at a more cap friendly number than what he will play at this season. That cap number plus whatever the new guy makes should come close to Cobb's cap hit for this season.

So then a year from now we take Jordy's cap hit and basically add it on to Rodgers' in his new deal. Rodgers will sign a $200 mil deal easily. His cap hit will likely go over $30 million so adding Jordy's $12 mil in 2018 to Rodgers' $20 mil gives you about a $32 mil hit for Rodgers beginning in 2019.

Such a strategy allows the Packers to keep both Cobb and Jordy for 2018 while at the same time already preparing for Cap Roster that long term does not include Jordy and does include Rodgers as the NFL's highest paid player. The Draft and FA would both be planned around such a strategy.
Re: Rationale for keeping Jordy and Cobb in 2018
January 24, 2018 03:14AM
I had started typing a thread on the same line of thought last night only to have the page lock up and I lost the post. I can't type worth a darn so I gave up on it. Add in that Adams will also make over 10 mil this year and I think something will have to be done. I can't see 30+ mil being spent on one position. It is rumored that Jordy is open to redoing his deal. I haven't read anything stating Cobb is interested in doing the same. If it is Jordy who stays, we can only hope he's one of the guys who take 2 years to come all the way back from an ACL. He didn't have it last year. He'd also be able to play the slot more which would help him get off the line a bit better.

OLB is another positon that has some money in it. The production for the money isn't really there. At this point in his career I think Clay would be better off on the inside. Not going up against T's who out weigh him by 50 lbs every play might keep him from blowing out his hammy again next year. We already know we need another edge rusher. So we get one through free agency or the draft. Clay would be an upgrade over Ryan in the middle and would give other teams something to think about when dropping back to pass.

RT is a place something might be done as well. BB is injured too often. Spriggs or someone else might be tabbed to start there to save some money that could go else where.

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Re: Rationale for keeping Jordy and Cobb in 2018
January 24, 2018 12:13PM
I think we need to renegotiate Jordy or cut him. No team in their right minds would trade for him and assume his cap hit. I don't see him doing any better than the 2017 season next year.

Cobb is a bit tougher, I think, because he still makes plays from time to time. But he still averaged under 10 yards per catch this season (and that's been dropping every year since 2015) which is no where near a value at his cap hit. Although, he's still relatively young so I could see some improvement with a new OC, new WRs, etc. I would keep him and see what happens.

Either way, we definitely need to draft a WR or it'll become a huge need in 2019.

Re: Rationale for keeping Jordy and Cobb in 2018
January 25, 2018 09:14AM
I definitely agree with the Bulaga assessment. Since his rookie season he has only been active for 69 out of 96 games. He has only played a full season in 1 of those seasons. It's hard to hang your hat on a starting RT that is only active 70% of the games.

So far as Kaedous view on Jordy. I do believe he will be re-negotiated. My main point is in 2018 Jordy and Rodgers are set to eat up $32 mil in Cap space. Keeping Jordy for 1 year and then parting ways is a way for us to establish that cap slot that either way will be filled by Rodgers in 2019. If we don't get a head start on it this year we will simply have to do it next year anyway. One could argue that's one less year of that level of Cap commitment. But with an entire front office and Coaching staff re-set save MM, my feeling is alot for that commitment now and formulate a longer term plan from here not next year.
Re: Rationale for keeping Jordy and Cobb in 2018
February 06, 2018 03:27PM
When you have a big drop off from Bulaga to the next guy there, then 70% looks just fine. When you have a good replacement...........then you start to have these thoughts.

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Re: Rationale for keeping Jordy and Cobb in 2018
January 26, 2018 05:37PM
Well, the issue there isn't just the money, it also becomes a numbers game.

We'll probably keep 5 receivers (Janis is on the roster as the 6th as special teams, not a receiver). That means if we keep Adams, Cobb, Nelson, and our high draft pick, we can only keep ONE other receiver, so when Cobb and Nelson leave next year. What if that early round pick doesn't pan out, what do we do then? Who is that one receiver, Montgomery, Allison, Clark, or Davis (and his return skills) and are we fine losing the rest of them?

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