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Re: The Killer B's

The Killer B's
January 14, 2018 05:53PM
Many Packers fans are so upset that the Packers have only won 1 SB to date with AR. Now look at Pittsburgh and the Killer B's in particular. Ben and Brown (a Rookie at the Time 1 catch for 1 yard) were in Super Bowl 45 against the Packers. Their core on offense is more talented than the Packers and they have only gotten just as far back to the Super Bowl as the Packers. I guess we are not alone.
Re: The Killer B's
January 15, 2018 06:54AM
All true and obviously both of those guys will be in the Hall of Fame just like Rodgers. But for me Big Ben played with top 10 defenses each of his first nine seasons in the NFL and then also again this year. Although you wouldn't know it by watching yesterday's game. Rodgers has played with the top 10 defense twice and now has gone seven straight seasons without experiencing that luxury. That's where my disappointment lies. Hopefully we can rectify that situation fairly soon.
Re: The Killer B's
January 16, 2018 08:31AM
To be fair, the Pats have had the Steelers' number, the same way the Cowboys had the Packers' coming out of the Gory years.