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will manning vs colts = favre vs packers

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will manning vs colts = favre vs packers
January 27, 2012 01:08PM
there appear to be some seeds of discontent between manning and colts, and even quite possibly irsay. [espn.go.com]

as for if it gets to the level of favre vs packers i dont think it will. first off favre retired and the packers left him on the reserved/retired list. this meant the packers would retain any rights to favre if/when he ever decided to play again. with manning the colts will owe him a large bonus of $28 million on march 8th. here are the specific from Brandt via NFLP.

"Non-exercise fee

Were the Colts to not exercise the $28 million option by March 8th, there is a non-exercise fee of that same $28 million due two days before the 2012 League Year, March 11th.

Translation: the Colts cannot simply let the option date pass without action; to do so would put them on the hook for the same amount and not have Manning. They will have to take the affirmative step of, yes, releasing Peyton Manning."

So really the key date is 3/8. There is no option to redo the contract as after the last game contracts can't be reworked until the start of the league year, new to this CBA. That means the colts will have to release manning on the 8th or pay him if they want to retain any of his rights. there after reworking a contract and a trade is possible but i am not sure how that would affect the colts cap with that bonus or how it would affect any other teams cap with a trade. So in the end it more than likely wont go down with the same drama as the favre vs packers played out. but the wait will be fun for ESPN!!
Re: will manning vs colts = favre vs packers
January 29, 2012 01:47PM
I've always thought that Manning's ending in Indy might be every bit as ugly as Favre in GB but the injury and the last place finish will likely make it much easier for Colts fans to understand the decision. If they had to part with Manning coming off a 13 - 3 season it might be different. As it is, they have already witnessed an entire season sans Peyton.