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MNF report LOL!!!!

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MNF report LOL!!!!
October 25, 2011 08:44AM
From ColdHardFootballFacts:

If Seattle/Cleveland didn’t set offensive football back 80 years, the Monday night game between Baltimore and Jacksonville sure did. The Ravens managed nine straight possessions in the first half without a single first down. The teams combined to go 4/28 on third down. Joe Flacco completed the most worthless pass in NFL history: a -8 yard play on 3rd and 35 after his pass was deflected back to himself. At least he’s found a receiver he can complete a high percentage of passes to.

Down 9-0 and trying to do his best Tebow impersonation, Flacco did lead a 90-yard touchdown drive. We liked this guy Jon Gruden’s decision to kick deep, get the touchback, save the two-minute warning, and use the two timeouts to get the ball back with plenty of time, decent field position, and only needing a field goal. Instead the Ravens tried the onside kick, it didn’t work, and Josh “I only make big 50-yard field goals” Scobee made his third kick from 50+ on the night to make it 12-7. Now Flacco needed an 80-yard touchdown drive, and he quickly ended that hope with an interception.

It may have been the upset of the season, though Baltimore has lost to Tennessee decisively as well, so who knows? :approval:

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