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A 3rd party on Favre: TMQ

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A 3rd party on Favre: TMQ
November 25, 2010 05:27AM
In other football news, just one snap away from the Super Bowl last January, the Minnesota Vikings are now 3-7 and were blown off their own home field, 31-3, by the Green Bay Packers. Head coach Brad Childress was just fired, the second NFL head coach of a 2009 playoff team to be cashiered midseason in 2010. "Dysfunctional" doesn't begin to describe the Minnesota franchise. The Vikings make the drill-sergeant-turned-therapist in the Geico commercial seem like a guy who's really got his act together.

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Green Bay leading 10-3 with nine seconds remaining before intermission, Packers QB Aaron Rodgers tossed a 3-yard touchdown pass to James Jones in the corner of the end zone. There was a slight chance Jones did not get both feet in, so a booth review began. Over on the Vikes' sideline, Childress threw his challenge flag. Coaches cannot challenge in the final two minutes of a half. It was embarrassing for Childress to seem to have no idea how this rule reads.

Yet should he take all the blame for the Vikes' meltdown? He is the same coach he was last season, when he brought Minnesota within a snap of the Super Bowl. Did he suddenly forget how to coach this season?

Surely, the Vikings' problem is that they have not bowed low enough before Brett Favre! Childress only drove to the airport to pick him up. Why didn't he offer to fold Favre's laundry too? If only the Minnesota Vikings would show Favre some respect!

Favre leads the league with 17 interceptions -- and maybe he wouldn't be throwing to the wrong place so often if he'd bothered to attend training camp for the past two seasons. Favre also has lost five fumbles; 22 turnovers in 10 games by the starting quarterback would doom any NFL team. The Vikings are last in the NFL in turnover differential -- and Adrian Peterson hasn't fumbled this season! Yet Childress is scapegoated while Favre floats above it all. The Metrodome crowd chanted, "FIRE CHILDRESS!" They should have chanted, "PROTECT THE FOOTBALL!"

In 2007, Green Bay wanted to be rid of Favre because the team was sick of his attitude, which boils down to: me, me, me and have I mentioned me? Sunday, Green Bay's judgment was vindicated in emphatic fashion.

In 2008, Favre single-handedly blew up the New York Jets, leading to a fired head coach and bitter recriminations all around. In 2010, Favre has blown up the Vikings, with a fired head coach and bitter recriminations all around. This must be some inexplicable coincidence -- it can't have anything to do with Brett Favre.

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Re: A 3rd party on Favre: TMQ
December 03, 2010 08:07PM
Should Wade Phillips have taken all the blame in Dallas? They won their way to the 2nd round of the Playoffs last year. Shouldn't it have been the players? Yet they are playing their best football of the season. The Vikings are 1-0 without Childress this year.

No Training Camp this year, bad results.
No Training Camp last year: 33 TDs, 7 Ints., and NFC Championship Game.

So it's Training Camp's fault, and not Percy's migraines, or Sidney's hip?

Of course, Brett shares in the Vikes demise. He has been an ordinary QB at best this season. The thing I hate is when writers that hate Favre manipulate the facts to make their point. That's what this guy did.

Favre having a bad year? Absolutely.
Favre ruining the game of football as we know it as seemingly implied but this guy? Hardly.
Re: A 3rd party on Favre: TMQ
December 05, 2010 03:50AM
There's a reason why every coach in the NFL except Brad Childress (no longer an NFL coach) thinks having the QB in the offseason program and in training camp is important. It generally is. Favre beat the odds last year (a cupcake early schedule helped give him time to find his groove) but having the starting QB show up in mid-August is not a recipe for success. And the fact that a HC does not have the guts to give the QB an ultimatum to report by a certain date, well that is indicative of a guy who might have trouble maintaining control over a locker room.