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The Packer Wire

This forum is for the greatest fans in the world of the greatest franchise in the world, The Green Bay Packers. 
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Who in the world cares if Diggs doesn't want to be here

by packdaddy
439303/24/2003 11:56PM
Last Post by NCPackerfan

My take on Diggs vs KGB

by BigGear
563203/24/2003 11:53PM
Last Post by NCPackerfan

Positive Spin on KGB & Diggs

by PackWood
445403/24/2003 11:28PM
Last Post by JaySharpe84

Vikings sign Clairborne, nm

by gbpk2000
489103/24/2003 11:27PM
Last Post by gbpk2000

Bye... Bye... McBride... URL

by RandyK
424403/24/2003 11:10PM
Last Post by RandyK

Can't Sign Both Diggs and KGB!

by bratstoppacker
397303/24/2003 08:14PM
Last Post by bratstoppacker

WAG Rationale for Pack and KGB

by Madfan
545703/24/2003 06:56PM
Last Post by Swizz

Na'il Diggs OLB

by Mcpacker64
567203/24/2003 06:03PM
Last Post by Swizz

Tidbit on Dhani Jones URL

by Hepps
518103/24/2003 05:52PM
Last Post by Hepps

football related prayer request. URL

by NCPackerfan
480403/24/2003 05:22PM
Last Post by PackDog

Thanks Sneakers

by BobC1
450203/24/2003 11:10AM
Last Post by SC Jim

Good News for Packers!! URL

by JaySharpe84
7071003/24/2003 09:38AM
Last Post by Boris

Which is most difficult to track down?

by GBfan
568603/23/2003 07:56PM
Last Post by Sneakers

Now this would be IDEAL!!

by JaySharpe84
431603/23/2003 03:47PM
Last Post by Boris

My offseason analysis

by Mcpacker64
631403/23/2003 03:40PM
Last Post by Boris

To all the Admin.

by JaySharpe84
519103/23/2003 03:27PM
Last Post by JaySharpe84

The board is up, I can comment on KGB

by PackDog
460303/23/2003 02:30PM
Last Post by cpheph

Please take a moment to pray for our Troops..

by packattack
546603/23/2003 09:46AM
Last Post by RandyK

Lucy, I am home......

by RandyK
454103/23/2003 08:52AM
Last Post by RandyK

Turley TRADED to the....

by JaySharpe84
354303/22/2003 11:43PM
Last Post by JaySharpe84

KGB, Diggs and Rudd

by JaySharpe84
492103/22/2003 02:10PM
Last Post by JaySharpe84

KGB leaning towards Packers? URL

by GBfan
538103/22/2003 11:36AM
Last Post by GBfan

Thank you carp....

by Packer Rob
494203/22/2003 10:40AM
Last Post by carp


by DaveV
508103/22/2003 02:58AM
Last Post by DaveV

Diggs close to signing?? URL

by MsPacman
575103/22/2003 12:19AM
Last Post by MsPacman

Pack visiting with Rudd

by MsPacman
483303/22/2003 12:05AM
Last Post by John Anderson

Just a test.... (ignore)

by bvan
438403/21/2003 11:56PM
Last Post by chewie

enough doom and gloom...

by packdaddy
743203/21/2003 11:22PM
Last Post by pbrpacker

Bits and pieces of interest URL

by Swizz
6441003/21/2003 05:29PM
Last Post by Phoenix138

More Bits and Pieces URL

by NCPackerfan
548303/21/2003 04:54PM
Last Post by KarlZimm

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